Career Change – Career Progression


‘Not all those who wander are lost’ Tolkein

Thinking of changing career but want to be sure of making the right choice. Do these questions look familiar to you?

  • What level or degree of change do you want?
  • What career options are open to you?
  • Is age a factor if I decide to change?
  • What are my transferable skills and where can I best use them? How can I establish what my priorities are and strike a balance between work and life?
  • What careers or sectors would be right for me?
  • How do I set about moving into an entirely new field?
  • What are my educational options?
  • Will I have to take a cut in salary or take a step back or sideways in my career?
  • I’m retiring from full time work and I’d like to try something new? Am I being realistic?

How South Dublin Careers Can Help You Manage Your Career

We offer a number of online and 1-2-1 packages and individually tailored programmes to suit your unique set of requirements. Whatever stage in life you’re at – Career Planning & Development helps you build on existing Achievements, Skills and Experiences to achieve your Career and Life Goals.
South Dublin Careers helps clients to identify and explore opportunities, to make good choices and to draft and implement Career Plans and Strategies that match their experiences, qualifications and career goals. I will provide you with impartial, professional and confidential expertise and support you as you build on existing achievements, skills and experiences to plan and achieve career and life goals.
South Dublin Careers also offers the full range of psychometric testing packages – including Personality Assessment, Aptitude & Ability, Occupational Interest Style, Values & Motives, Emotional Intelligence, Learning Styles, 16PF/15FQ, Graduate Reasoning Tests, General Reasoning Tests, DATS, Myers-Briggs 16 types.


Most Popular Option – Three Month Career Action Plan

  • Preliminary consultation assessing current skills, experience, qualifications and other relevant information
  • Personal Profile AssessmentCareer Change
  • Psychometric Career Personality Profile & Feedback
  • Identify Best Fit Career & Educational Options & Career Plan
  • Follow up Session and Email Support
  • This package can be supplemented with additional tests including Knowledge & Skills, Values & Motives, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness & Aptitude.
  • Suitable for Career Changers and those returning to work after a break.

Career Assessment Through 4 Stage Plan

  • Work Skills, Needs & Values
  • Recreational Skills, Needs & Values
  • Career assessment with option of psychometric assessment
  • Identify Best Fit Career & Educational Options
  • Career Action Plan
  • Suitable for Career Changers and those returning to work after a break.
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Job Applications

  • Your Employability Skills
  • CV & Covering Letter
  • Targeting your application strategy
  • Online Career & Educational Profile
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Search
  • Branding and Marketing yourself
  • Networking Strategy

Not Sure If Your Career Is On The Right Track? Try A Career MOT TestCareer Change

  • Career Values Assessment + Life Values Assessment
  • Career Interest Review
  • CV Review + Goal-Setting & Motivation Session
  • Personalised Email Summary Action Plan

  Additional Sample Sessions – Minimum 2 hours

Career & Educational Review to Date
Career Interest Assessment with additional option of Psychometric Testing
Employability Skills Profiling
Online Career Profile Assessment
Masters Applications
Job Applications & Job Search Skills
CV & Interview Skills
Career Planning & Strategy
General Careers, Educational & Vocational Advice

For information on career change and advice please email Mary at