Career Guidance in Dublin

Career Guidance in Dublin

Dublin is a thriving city these days and there are plenty of job opportunities, interesting companies and sectors to work in. Right now is a good time to start and build your career in Dublin.

Here’s why:

IFSC Financial Careers in Dublin


It has a young, well-educated and vibrant population. It’s a multi-cultural city.
Known as the Silicon Valley of Europe – Dublin is home to some of the world’s largest Technology and IT companies including google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Oracle.
It also has a thriving Financial Sector and the IFSC is a global hub for Insurance, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Treasury, Banking & Finance.
The city boasts several world renowned universities, institutes of technology, along with some of the best English Language schools in Europe. There are world class sporting venues and events – GAA, rugby, horse racing, soccer, sailing, athletics and golf. The city also has a thriving night life, with a vibrant art / music / cultural scene. Dublin is rich in history and architecture old and new and it has great bars, restaurants and cafés.
All in all Dublin is a relaxed, friendly and cosmopolitan city with access to a quieter, stunningly beautiful rural and maritime world on its doorstep. No wonder so many people find it such a great place to work and live.  Most of all it offers wide ranging opportunities for you to develop your career.


Where do you find the best career guidance in Dublin?

Icity-houses-skyline-viewf you are just graduated, or you’ve been working flat out in your chosen field, chances are you may not be aware of all the available opportunities at the moment. You may also want to figure out what your best skills and attributes are and what makes you most attractive to employers. This is where good Career Guidance comes in.
If you want to build a career here, or change career it’s a good idea to seek out professional advice and assessment. To find out more contact me at or look up the IGC register  for a Career Guidance counsellor in your area of Dublin

For more information about Dublin

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