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career assessment

Career Assessment

Is it time to review your career?
Has it ever crossed your mind that you might not be in the right career? Somehow you fell easily into a job, mastered it quickly and for a while there was a sense of purpose in what you were doing. Perhaps it is a job that pays very well and affords you an enviable lifestyle with plenty of status and recognition.
But lots of things can happen that cause us to review our career. Often a life changing event such as parenthood or relocation or illness can be the trigger for thinking about a career change. Sometimes it’s simply an ongoing unsatisfactory experience at work. Sometimes an incident at work can be the trigger.
Here are some good indicators and reasons for taking the time to review your career:

1. You’ve begun to dread going to work. This might happen because you work in an unpleasant atmosphere or in a culture that does not value your expertise. It may be possible to make a change within the organisation. Sometimes it may be necessary to think about a new career.
2. You find yourself doing work that is way off aligning with your expertise and interests and that doesn’t interest you in the slightest. (Every job involves a certain amount of boredom and getting through the boredom threshold is important in building your career.) But when the boredom is constant, when there is no sense of purpose in what you are doing, it may be time to think about career change.
3. When you weigh up your level of job satisfaction against your level of income and find that the money is no longer compensating for long, frustrating or stressful hours of work, then you may need to look at finding a career that’s right for you.
4. If you feel drawn towards a particular profession or walk of life and the feeling persists and strengthens with time, at the very least you can take a few steps back from your current life and assess your career with a clear and honest eye.
At the end of your career assessment, you may decide to stay put but to make changes in your current role. You may discover a surprising and exciting new career. You may determine to follow that career dream you left behind years ago. Whatever route you take a career MOT test or a career assessment will help you make good career decisions and set achievable and worthwhile career goals.