Careers in the Media

South Dublin Careers works with clients applying for media careers in traditional outlets, digital media, film and publishing industries. Traditional publishers are being replaced by fast-moving media organisations and there is huge demand for on-line information. This is also an exciting area for new careers. Whatever side of the industry you are working towards – creative, marketing, technical or business sides – we can help with your preparation and planning.

We offer advice on CV, Covering Letter, On-line Profile, Branding & Marketing yourself for a career in a Media related industry, job search strategies and networking.

Careers in the media

Media organisations our clients come from and have secured jobs with include:

Careers in the mediaWhile often there are no officially set routes into the creative industries, and in some instances no precise qualifications, a qualification is always useful, particularly if it is in an area of specific technical expertise. Practical experience is also very valued.

If you’re looking at specific training courses, do check what exactly the course promises to deliver, who is delivering it and if the fee reflects the content and expertise of the trainer.

Building a career in the media requires you to manage and pace your ambition.

If you want to work in Film in Ireland – here are a few Useful resources & Sites

Film Ireland



And don’t forget your local Arts Office which offers plenty of useful and free support to help you build a career in Film or other creative arts.


For more information and advice on careers in the media please email Mary at