What Our Clients Say – Some Testimonials


Relocating to Ireland

Magda: ‘I was in the process of relocating to Ireland from Germany two years ago. I wasn’t sure how my Graphic Design qualifications would match up or even how to go about finding work in Ireland. A friend recommended Mary who steered me through the process of getting my qualifications recognised and helped me map out a workable career plan. I am now working with a Web Design company in Galway.’

Career Changetechnology collage pics

Zoe: ‘I had a salary I loved and a job I hated. Everybody was offering advice and wisdom but I needed impartial space to take a long hard look at my career goals and life priorities. South Dublin Careers came up on Google Search. I would highly recommend Mary Hosty for professionalism, expert career advice and providing real support. I stayed with my existing company but moved to a different sector where I get to use my preferred skills on a daily basis.’

Top Class CV

Fionn: ‘Needed a CV – just didn’t know how to bring it together properly. Mary helped me produce a top class CV.’

College Course Transfer

Amy: ‘I ended up on the wrong college course. Mary worked with me to find the right course and helped me to plan and navigate the course transfer. I am now a qualified nurse, love my job and have plans to work and travel with my degree in General Nursing.’

Playing Career Catch-up

Karl: ‘I lost my way a bit after school and felt my classmates had their lives and careers on track well ahead of me. I was playing career catch-up and looking for promotion. But I didn’t really know where to start. I worked with Mary for four sessions and found the confidence to get my life and education on the track that is right for me. Got a job I really enjoy now and promotion in the offing. Thanks Mary. Highly Recommend you.’

Applying For Jobs but Not Getting Interviews

Lorraine: ‘I’ve got good qualifications, but wasn’t getting interviews. I contacted South Dublin Careers who helped me put together a professional CV that was a good reflection of me and my achievements and skills. I’m amazed at the things I’d left out of my CV. Well worth the time and expense.’

Not sure about my Chosen Career

Jack: ‘After doing Accountancy in college I took a gap year and travelled. It was a brilliant experience but I needed a bit of career guidance when I got back. I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to go the Accountancy route and I needed to talk it through with someone completely impartial. . .’

We need to talk about the CAO

Parent: ‘My daughter was getting a little anxious about filling out her CAO. We’ve always had a good relationship but somehow it was difficult for us to talk about this topic in an impartial and supportive way. Another parent at my daughter’s school recommended Mary. Our daughter got the neutral space, the time, support and professional expertise and guidance she needed. She definitely made better college and course decisions as a result.’