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I’m thinking of changing career but don’t know where to start? It’s been a while since I thought about anything like this.

The best place to start is with an introductory session where we can begin to assess your skills, education and experience to date. Then you can decide on the best GENERAL CAREER REVIEW, ASSESSMENT & CAREER ACTION PLAN for you.

My daughter is doing her Leaving Cert this year. The school Guidance Service is good but stretched. I’m happy enough with the advice and support my daughter is getting but should I seek a second opinion?

Schools Careers Guidance Services are generally excellent but some students require additional focussed and individual guidance to help clarify the best options and choices for them. A second opinion is often useful to confirm that your daughter’s choices are the best for her. We also offer a complete Going to College and Applications Support Programme, starting in September of 6th year.

I love my job – and want to progress in my career. What are my options?

We can assess your skills, qualifications and experience, and help you find the right course of action to suit your particular circumstances – be it career change, additional training, job application programme, a return to college or something else.

I know what job I want – how do I get the right qualifications?

South Dublin Careers offers IMPARTIAL, UP TO DATE INFORMATION & ADVICE on where to find the best courses and training options and how to improve your chances of getting onto the right course.

How do I get reliable information about college courses, course accreditation, professional affiliations, progression links, distance learning options, studying abroad? There is so much information out there that I don’t know where to start.

Send us an email broadly outlining your requirements, or call and make an appointment. Then we can discuss your individual requirements and queries so that we can set you on the right track. If Mary and South Dublin Careers can’t help, we are happy to refer you on to someone that can offer the additional professional support you might require.

I’m in college and not sure if I’m in the right course. What I really need is genuinely impartial advice and space to help me figure out whether it’s best for me to stay or change direction.

Sometimes all you need is a little reassurance that you have made the right choice. Often a chat with your college tutor or someone that has successfully completed the course will put your anxieties at rest. If you are experiencing serious doubts about the suitability of the course you have chosen, most colleges offer excellent career support services. But students often come to South Dublin Careers because they simply want wholly impartial advice on changing course from someone outside their college or social network.

I’m a 6th year student. I’m hoping to apply to college through the CAO and through UCAS. I need to talk through my college and career options with someone outside school.

Your first port of call is your guidance counsellor. Schools offer a very good careers guidance service from professionally trained careers guidance counsellors – and it’s free. However choosing and planning your next step is an important stage in your life. It’s a process that requires a lot of focussed attention, particularly from September of your 6th year. Along with individual appointments to work through specific queries, South Dublin Careers offers a full Going to College Application & Support Package which begins in September of your Leaving Cert year.

I’ve got good qualifications but I’ve been heavily involved in sports, music and voluntary activity. Now it’s time to make a career plan and set it in motion. Where do I start?
It sounds like you are already well on the way to building a successful and fulfilling life. A little additional career focus may be enough to set you on your way. The FOUR STAGE CAREER ACTION PLAN works well for busy and active clients setting out on their careers.

My career is currently in transition. What are my options?

Career transition is both exciting and scary and plenty depends on how much control you have over the situation. Whatever your circumstances, a good first step is to carry out a full CAREER REVIEW including a review of YOUR SKILLS, APTITUDES, VALUES, EXPERIENCES AND INTERESTS. Once you’ve figured out your current career and life values and priorities, you can start looking at the CAREER & EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS that are best for you. We help and support you through all stages of the process, including marketing and branding yourself, CV and online profiles, managing your application process.

I gave up my career to rear my children. Now I want to go back to work but I feel very unsure about how to begin.

Clients who have been rearing children find that taking a SKILLS AND INTERESTS ASSESSMENT together with a VALUES AND MOTIVES INVENTORY is an enjoyable and useful first step back into the Career World. It’s a great way to make an inventory of all the transferable skills you’ve amassed and it’s a good confidence booster. I can help you identify CAREER OPTIONS that are right for you, work with you to draft a top notch CV & devise a suitable JOB SEARCH & APPLICATION programme tailored to your life. If you are thinking of returning to college check out our GOING TO COLLEGE page.

Can you help with my CV / Job Application & Interview skills?

We offer a full range of supports to clients who are applying for jobs at all levels – from graduate entry to Senior Executive. Check out our JOB APPLICATIONS page.

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