Parents of Leaving Cert Students

Friends Photographing ThemselvesWhy do some parents of Leaving Cert Students choose private career guidance?


  • Parents get quality one-to-one Careers Guidance for your child

Schools and educational centres throughout the country provide good career guidance services. It is possible for your child to access valuable support from a Guidance Counsellor working in these centres. However the time allocated for one-to-one contact can be limited owing to shortage of resources and/or huge demands on the service. With big decisions looming, parents know that a young person may need additional support. South Dublin Careers guarantees dedicated one-to-one time where your Leaving Cert student has the benefit of focused attention required to support them in making good career and life decisions. By making appointments in advance and preparing well for meetings with clients, South Dublin Careers works hard to help develop an understanding of each client’s individual circumstances. I also provide follow-up support to your son or daughter after meeting.  The service is friendly, professional, confidential and dedicated to helping your child move forward with their future life and career.

  • To get a second opinion

It is only natural to seek a second opinion when we are faced with a major life decision or turning point in our lives. Seeking a second opinion can bring more peace of mind about the decisions your Leaving Cert student is making. It may reinforce your confidence in the Careers Guidance Services available in your child’s school. Your child may still be struggling with final course or career choices.  A fresh look at the skills, exam results, expertise and life experience and other factors influencing your son or daughter’s choice of course on the CAO or in UCAS can sometimes bring out suitable alternative career and course options that are in line with their individual circumstances. Take a look at Parents Guide to the CAO

  • Parents want their son or daughter to get additional help with Deciding on Careers and Courses

It sometimes takes more time to make good career and educational decisions. That time isn’t always available in the school environment. At South Dublin Careers we provide the time and professional space for each client to work through every stage of the decision-making process and help your son or daughter make better career and life choices. For a list of our services and supports to Leaving Certificate students:

  • Independent & impartial Guidance & Assessment

South Dublin Careers specialises in providing impartial careers advice for young people, helping them make better choices towards the career and education that is right for them. We offer a unique combination of assessment tools, up to date expertise and independence from school, business, family or other interests and influences. This is invaluable in helping young people to understand what their individual strengths are and give them confidence and motivation to make those important decisions.

We are committed to providing best practice careers guidance according to IGC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. You can choose from a range of programmes tailored to the individual needs of your son or daughter.